This is real. This is me. I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be. Who am I? I'm Batman..no I'm just kidding..I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-man..no I'm kidding..I'm Victoria Lopez. If you haven't gathered yet, I am extremely quirky, playful, and ridiculous. I live in California and grew up with a passion for performance. As i continued my education I learned that my passion within the art wasn't just for performing but behind the scenes as well. I started editing videos my senior year of high school and continued it throughout my college years. As you will see, I have dipped my foot into each topic, some more than others, but have nonetheless completed a project for all three categories. I hope to one day take my place in cinematic history whether it be as an actor, editor, or even, who knows, a translator. 


Theater is Life

Video Editing

My Favorite Part

Sign Language Course

Silence isn't Deadly